About Me

Welcome to Body Shapewear for Women. This website has been created to provide a vehicle for its author, Dr Mary Jo Saunders who is an expert in the field of weight loss, nutrition and diet to extend her researches into the fascinating world of body contouring undergarments and special clothing designed to help you to look slimmer and better toned instantly.

While it is vitally important to maintain a healthy diet low in sugars and unhealthy fats in order to stay at your ideal weight, the stark reality is that many people simply don't do it. The current percentage figures for overweight and obese people in the population reinforce that sad fact. But I'm not here to lecture anyone on their weight, at least not in this website!

I am here to hold out a helping hand to overweight women who are desperate to look slimmer and get fitter and are already trying their hardest by dieting and exercising. It is for them that shapewear has been crated to help them to wear fashionable clothing in comfort while their diets catch up with attaining the body size they are aiming at.