You will find articles here providing help and advice on wearing shapewear in many situations plus agony aunt style advice on how you look and feel.

There are plenty of issues that women face when it comes to what they wear. We don't all want to look incredible all the time, but we do want to look our best when other people can see us! There are many issues that surround how we look in certain situations, so here is the perfect place to cover those issues in some detail and provide straight talking answers to questions that need answering honestly!

So what can you expect to find in this section of the website? Below are some ideas that will help to drive a series of articles that can be highly useful to anyone who is seeking some help or advice in these areas.

Issues with Wearing Shapewear

There are sure to be plenty of issues for people who want to wear body shaping underwear. And that means lots of questions need answers. This is an area where most articles will be focused.

Non-Shapewear Clothing and Appearance Issues

While this site is primarily focused on the wearing of body contouring underwear, there will be related issues to wearing certain kinds of clothing in a variety of situations that will create questions that can be answered here.

Relationship Advice

Ah, the good old relationship problems that so many people face every day! There will be lots of scope to create many articles covering this area and I will invite people to write in and ask their questions.

I'll endeavour to be agony aunt and answer them to the best of my ability and experience and there's one thing for sure, the answers will probably be closer to the real thing than the ones you read in newspaper columns!

General Advice

Lastly, there will always be questions about what general advice I can give those who need it on a number of issues facing them in their lives that relate in some way to their appearance and dress choices. I can offer my opinions where suitable and provide some help with life issues that crop up.

All in all, this section of the website is here for readers to get some feedback from their own personal questions that they don't of course mind being published. I will naturally withhold real names and all personal details unless any reader expressly wishes them to be made public.

Advice Articles:

Below you will find a full list of all the great titles in this category: