How to Look Pretty When You're Fat

If you're concerned about how to look pretty when you're overweight, here are a few simple things you can do to positively transform your look without being too hard on yourself.

Remember that beauty is subjective and definitely "in the eye of the beholder," meaning a fashion magazine may call a certain look "beautiful" while most guys certainly would not! The media tells us that we have to be skinny to be beautiful, which is nonsense and even dangerous, so don't fall for that evil propaganda!

As You Are Inside So You Are Outside

good inside good outsideYou've probably heard it said that "it's what's inside" that counts. A beautiful person on the inside tends to create an aura about them that radiates through and people just naturally like them more, so see them as looking beautiful.

So that means starting with yourself as the first step forward and working on "you" before worrying about making physical changes to your body or face or worrying about what clothes to wear or what makeup to use. It's all about what is going on inside your head and the attitude you're putting out there!

Here's an Example

Take two people that are roughly the same physical size and have roughly the same physical features:

One walks around with a scowl on her face and never has a good word to say about anyone. She complains all the time about everything and criticizes everyone and everything.

The other walks around with a smile on her face and speaks kindly of everyone. She finds some good in everything and praises everyone for even the least of things.

Which of those two women would you warm to?

Most, if not all people would immediately find themselves warming to the second woman. That's because it's just natural to feel more comfortable and relaxed around a person who is positive, upbeat and happy, while we try to avoid negative, angry critical people.

But what's more interesting is that we would also perceive the second woman as being more beautiful than the first, even when they both look similar. Again, this is because we relate happiness and appositive attitude with beauty, while we relate anger and negativity with ugliness.

What You Can Do For Yourself

get fit and healthyIf you are quite a lot overweight and are keen to start a good diet and also a fitness exercise program to improve your look, right away you are going to be feeling pretty good inside for taking positive action. That will radiate out of you in a way that people will pick up on in a positive way.

But if you prefer to vegetate on the sofa in front of the TV all day eating unhealthy snacks and being grumpy, people are going to see that as something they don't like and won't want to associate with.

So going back to the start of this article where I mentioned working on yourself as the first step forward, it means improving your attitude with yourself first and trying to be better than you perceive yourself as being, even if that perception may be a little out of whack to begin with.

What you're aiming for is a positive, upbeat attitude where you praise the good in everything, ignoring the bad. Avoid criticizing or complaining and always greet people with a smile and a good word. If that sounds tough to do, and it can be at first if you're not used to doing it, just remember that it takes far less effort to smile than it does to frown!

Go To Work on Your Physical Appearance

be happy be beautifulOnce you have the attitude right (and believe me, when you do act in a happy, positive way you will automatically feel happier and better overall in yourself) you will already be looking more beautiful just for radiating that beauty from within! Because you'll be feeling positive, getting started on a really healthy eating plan will come easier to you too.

Why is this? Easy!

When you have to do something you don't want to do, think about how you feel. You almost always feel negative, right? But when you are already in a positive frame of mind, you will actually feel like this is something you want to do for yourself, so it will feel good to be doing it!

Take that thought and save it. Now get started on an exercise program of your choice. Once again, when you are feeling positive, you will want to do it so it will seem easy!

When Will I Be Beautiful?

Of course, there will likely be nagging doubts at the back of your mind as to whether any of this will work for you. Ignore those doubts!

Worrying about anything is a form of fear, like the fear of the unknown. Because a lot of what I'm explaining here will probably be unknown to you, it may seem like the unknown.

"It takes as long as you let it take"

Just know that fear is nothing more than lack of understanding. When you have understanding, there is no longer anything to fear, so you have nothing to worry about. In this article, I'm aiming to give you that understanding in the simplest of terms so it's easy to know because there's nothing to figure out!

Beauty will come to you when you start to feel beautiful. And if you follow what I've said about being happy, positive and warm to others all of the time, then you're probably already feeling that inner beauty making its way to the outer shell of your physical body.

It takes as long as you let it take, is the short answer to when will you be beautiful!

Understanding Lights the Way

Here are two simple statements of fact that will drive what I've been saying home:

  1. Does being skinny equate to being beautiful?

    No it does not!
  2. Does being fat equate to being ugly?

    No it does not!

Can you be fat and beautiful? Of course you can! You decide how much you want to weigh, not the scales! If you want to weigh less, you know what you need to do to make it happen. If that makes you even happier, then do it!

But you can be equally happy by just being happy and making other people happy by your infectiously happy nature! Like attracts like so when you are happy, you will naturally attract happy people to you as well!

So have fun with this. Make it work for you because you want it to work and have fun making people smile whenever you meet them. It's a great feeling!