Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions about shapewear that people need answers to. This FAQ has been compiled to answer the more common of these along with some of the not so common questions that crop up from time to time.

Is Shapewear Only for Big Girls?

It may seen a little odd to feature this, but I've heard some girls talking about this subject from the perspective that it must be something that only larger women wear. Why is this, I wonder?

The answer is a definite NO! Body contouring underwear can be worn by women of a wide range of sizes, although it isn't really meant for very overweight and obese women in most cases.

Perhaps there is some sort of stigma attached to the wearing of shapewear, mainly by those that are not really sure what it is or what it does. But the truth is that it is actually worn more by slimmer women who are perhaps currently on a diet or have just completed one to lose weight and are looking to smooth out their figures.

Will Shapewear Tights have a Lasting Effect?

Body shaping underwear can provide an instant and obvious effect, which is great! But some people are curious to know if they wear them often enough (say 4-5 days a week for example), is there any chance they might leave a lasting positive fat distribution. And would this last so they don't have to wear them so often?

The simple answer is no. When you stop wearing them, your figure will return to its previous form.

Where Can I Buy Good Quality Shapewear with Excellent Shaping?

Many celebrities wear these garments to smooth out their figures to look as close to perfect as possible. Some models also wear them and I think it's pretty obvious the effect that it has on them, which is evident for everyone to see!

Buying good quality shape wear garments is relatively easy when you choose a high quality brand that you can get online but also features in some big name stores. If you ever get a chance to visit Selfridges in London, you'll find some high quality shaping garments by Pelham & Strutt, considered by many to be the Rolls Royce of this kind of contour wear.

You can read all about them in our full feature review of Pelham & Strutt by clicking on that link.

Should I Wear Shapewear While Exercising?

You probably should not wear it whilst exercising as it is meant to contour the body after exercise. It is not really meant as support clothing, although if you had nothing else to hand it could work in an emergency.

If you need additional support while exercising, you would be better off trying specialist sport control tops, strapping and perhaps shape up shoes that are intended for running/exercising. Check out sports sites and major stores for some ideas.

How Do Celebrities Wear Shapewear?

When celebrities wear those very tight dresses or gowns, they tend to wear body shaping wear to help smoothen out the bumps and flabby bits. I often get asked how they make it work.

Some people have tried the long, under the bra garments but find they tend to roll down if not supported with straps, even when tucked under the bra. The ones with straps are more stable under clothes as they are less prone to moving when you move.

Well, for the most part, celebrities are usually only in the public eye for short bursts, when the cameras are around and they know they're being photographed. Let's face it, what celebrity is going to shy away from some free publicity? They use body shaping undergarments to make their clothes look amazing, like the figure beneath them is close to perfect even when they are carrying a little extra weight.

But you have to realize that the majority of celebrities that are well known for their great figures rarely allow themselves to get more than a few pounds overweight. So when they are called to face the public and the cameras, they are not ever far from their perfect shape!

Wearing something under those clothes to hide a few pounds really can make it invisible and all you see from your perspective on the public side of the camera lens is a gorgeous, perfect figure that you can only drool over because you want it for yourself!

Is it Bad for Teens to Wear Shapewear?

It often happens that when teens go on a diet to lose some weight and they don't quite hot the target, they are a little despondent to say the least. The temptation to help things along a little is great, especially considering the pressure from their peers to be slim.

One of the real fears of many teens is whether or not they should try wearing shape wear or even if it is safe to do so. The simple answer is that if it has the effect of making them feel more confident and boosts their self esteem, then I say go for it!

There is no danger to wearing this kind of undergarment as long as you are relatively healthy and not suffering from any debilitating physical condition, in which case you should always consult your physician.

It's a bit of a love-hate romance, when you think about it. It gives you a boost in confidence for sure, but at the same time you should always try to stay real. While it can be a good idea for a special event, it's not really something you should wear every day to school. That is unless you are actively working on reducing your physical weight through a healthy diet and/or exercise regime.

I think that maybe if you don't wear it regularly, other students will notice you've started losing weight naturally (through diet/exercise) and that in itself could feel pretty encouraging and nice. The decision should be yours and how you are feeling about yourself.

Just don't get caught up in the trap of having to wear it to look good all the time without doing anything to help yourself in the health department.