Start at the Beginning

Chasing the dream of looking good is all well and good as long as you expect to catch it. To do that, you need to start somewhere and the beginning is that place! So this first article in the looking good series is all about taking that first step toward what it is that you are seeking. Your dream, your goal, your wish.

We're all different and that means we all have a different set of defining statistics that is our starting place. It doesn't really matter where that place is as far as this article is concerned, because it assumes you'll be starting at YOUR starting place!

Where Do You Start?

look in the mirrorThe very first step is identifying your starting place in the journey that will lead you to a better look. That means making a note of what you look like right now, today, this minute. Grab a camera, a phone with a camera or whatever you have that can take a picture of you standing full length and pose in a few different angles to the camera, such as full front, each side and back and maybe some other angles in between if you want.

The idea is to give yourself a visual image of yourself that anchors your starting point in your journey. That's why I said it doesn't matter (to this article) what that is, because it will be individual and unique to you. All I need to know is you have a starting point or place anchored in a picture you can't change or argue with anywhere down the line.

Weigh yourself next and write down what you weigh. Write down the size of your clothes, the ones you're wearing right now. Measure your vital statistics with a good measuring tape and write it all down, waist, hips, bust, thigh circumference, upper arm circumference - you know the ones!

Then write down what you had for breakfast, every last bit of it. And then write down what you had for lunch and what you had (or will be having) for dinner. And write down every snack you ate between meals. Every cookie, packet of potato chips, Mars Bar, apple, banana.

And everything you drank as well: coffee (with milk? with cream? with sugar?), juice, coke or other soda or diet soda, milk, milkshake. Everything including size if possible (eg regular can of coke, butt-swelling 32 ounce Gulp).

Print your photos and keep all this information together in a safe place. This is your starting point from where you'll begin your journey of change.

Get Moving

now relaxYour next task is to just sit quietly for a few moments and relax. Switch off your phone and make sure you won't be disturbed for several minutes.

Breathe deeply and slowly and clear your mind of all thought. Just a few minutes is fine, just as long as you don't think about anything or worry about anything or move. Just close your eyes and relax.

After a few minutes, open your eyes and sit up straight. Did that feel good?

I hope so, because when I do that it feels great!

Writing it all Down

Now I want you to think of the weight and size you want to be. Not what you think you can get down to, what you really want to be. Imagine it, picture it in your mind for a moment and then write down the exact weight you want to be and then write down how many weeks or months hence you expect to achieve that weight.

Again, I don't want you to try and analyze it or work anything out, like if it can even be possible or might be too hard or what if this or what if that. Just when you WANT it to have happened and become your reality.

If you're wondering why I want you to do it this way, you're already analyzing it, so stop it right now. Just do it!

Fixing in your mind what you want is different from imagining what you think you can achieve. The former is a definite expectation, while the other is an uncertainty. You want to go for the definite!

This is the first step to getting what you want from the way you look and getting to the point where you can be happy knowing that you look good. It's not the whole journey, it's just the start of it. I'll keep this going in my next article in this mini-series, so watch out for it!