Why Do I Need to Exercise?

With the new research revealing the ineffectiveness of exercise for losing weight, you may wonder if you need to do any to get a slimmer figure. The findings suggest that moderate exercise simply does not burn enough calories to make much of a difference to an overweight person's body weight, but that doesn't mean it's not an important part of the process.

exercising to look goodIn fact you still need to exercise to strengthen muscles which will lead to that nicely toned, slim look in your figure. Where merely losing weight through diet without any physical exercise will indeed reduce what you see on the scales, it will not firm up those flabby areas!

So I Should Exercise to Look Good?

Absolutely! The general idea is to tighten up loose muscles and develop more strength so that the flabby areas are drawn in by your body's own natural internal shaping wrap.

You should look upon exercise as an important complimentary action to eating a healthy diet, like the two actions are like two sides of a coin. You need to have one with the other for balance.

While the low calorie diet will reduce your body's fat store and thereby reduce the size of those areas that were out of shape, the exercise side of the coin will pull in those loose areas and give you a better, slimmer, lithe appearance.

Why Not Just Rely on Shapewear to Do the Firming?

This is a lazy person's short term solution to a problem that won't go away by itself. When you lose a lot of weight through diet, it is common to end up with loose areas of flesh that just don't look too wonderful.

The best shapewear for women will reduce this looseness to a point, but it will not hide everything if you are particularly prone to large areas of unsightly loose flesh. However, getting some exercise throughout your diet will help your body to pull tight those loose areas in a natural way that will keep pace with the reduction in your body's fat store.

The Big Picture

better body the big pictureBy all means, make use of everything that you can to make yourself look as good as you can. If that means combining a great diet with some exercising and also using shapewear to hide the lumps and bumps until your body finds its natural amazing looks, then by all means, do it!

Some may view this or that tactic as cheating, but I don't necessarily agree that there is anything underhand or sneaky about wearing body contouring underwear to shape up your body. As long as it's done in conjunction with sensible eating practices and getting enough exercise each day to make a difference to your muscle strength and definition, then it's not really cheating is it?

If it helps you to feel better about yourself and gives you a boost of much needed self esteem, then it's more important to give yourself those things than worry about what anybody else might be thinking about whether or not you might be cheating. This is just plain being sensible and taking action where action is needed.

The whole, overall big picture that you need to be focusing on is getting to the stage where you are looking and feeling good. That means good enough to feel comfortable wearing the kind of clothes that make you feel confident, happy and of course, beautiful!