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What is Shapewear?

This is a kind of undergarment that is designed to shape, cinch and generally reduce the size of flabby body parts that you would like to appear as being firmer and better toned beneath all kinds of clothing. It works in the same way that older corsets and girdles used to do for past generations of women who needed to pull, push and squeeze their overweight bodies into smaller size garments than they were able to without any help!

The big difference between those older forms of body squeezing garments and the modern shape wear products is that where older forms often fit so tightly they reduced and in some cases even partially cut off the blood supply to the rest of the body, modern forms do the opposite and actually promote better blood flow and circulation. Another big difference is that older style forms were not comfortable and if worn for any length of time caused a lot of discomfort in the wearer.

Modern forms are much more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time because their design allows freer movement, better circulation and a more natural feel. This makes it possible to wear modern shapewear garments for long periods in complete comfort and safety, enabling the wearer to look good with a slimmer figure and better posture.

How is Shapewear Used?

The main use for this kind of body shaping underwear is to effectively reduce the size of flabby, untoned thighs, bottom, tummy and upper arms. They can also provide full body hold with lift for boobs and gently encouraging better posture. These are the main areas where women have problems when they get overweight and need some support and physical reduction so that they can wear fashionable clothes without looking like they had really squeezed themselves into them.

A big problem is that even though you might be able to get into a certain outfit, if you are too big for it you will visibly bulge out of places and the look can be terrible! With shapewear, this problem is resolved by gently shaping and contouring the body so that it fits inside that outfit much more comfortably and the added hold prevents that bulging out appearance.

So you can see that the main use of this kind of underwear is to visibly reduce the appearance of the body when wearing nice clothes. It is not meant to force a very overweight person into unrealistically small clothes and has its limitations. But for the most part as long as you're sensible about what you can achieve, this kind of underwear can really help improve the way you look when you wear certain clothes.

What are the Main Features?

In the main, body shaping underclothes are designed to reduce the appearance of loose, flabby parts of the body that without any hold would look overly large or just plain chubby when wearing certain tighter fitting clothing. It promotes better circulation and blood flow to the targeted areas, which can improve muscle tone and actually aid the natural weight loss process being undertaken through a healthy, low calorie diet and exercise program.

In fact, it compliments a diet and weight loss regime by lending its additional hold and firming capabilities to the areas of the body that are being targeted win tandem with the program's own body reducing methods. It helps to boost confidence and motivation by providing a visual reinforcement that the diet is having a positive effect by revealing a slimmer body in the mirror.

Its main features are:

So you can see there are a lot of very good reasons to try this for yourself.

How is Shapewear Made?

It is manufactured using modern, lycra-based materials that are lightweight, sheer, expandable yet provide superior hold without constriction. The fabric is made in such a way that its internal threading creates a natural hold that gently reduces, firms up and contours the body areas being targeted without affecting the body's own circulation mechanisms.

Intelligent use of the fabric's properties in the construction of the garments means they not only provide superior hold, but also promote good posture especially in the back and shoulders by helping to pull the shoulders backwards and raise the back into a more upright posture.

Shapewear Articles

In conclusion, you would certainly be doing yourself a favour by at least trying it for yourself. By all means read the articles in this category to get more of an in-depth understanding of what you can do for yourself when you wear body shapewear to enhance your looks when wearing certain clothes.