Feeling Slim in Summer

There's no doubt about it, summer is one of the best seasons for getting out the lightweight, skimpy clothes and wearing as little as you can get away with. The only problem with this great idea is when you suddenly realize that you no longer fit into your favourite summer outfits like you did last year!

dress for summerIt's not such a biggie when you're only a few pounds over your ideal weight, because a couple of weeks worth of serious dieting can usually redress the balance and allow you to enjoy those nice outfits again. That's assuming you can stick rigidly to a pretty restrictive diet and make some sacrifices that are never easy to come to terms with.

Diet? What About Other Options?

There is really no perfect alternative to putting yourself on a really good diet and sticking to it faultlessly for dropping those few excess pounds of fat. In fact, the latest research has debunked the long held belief that exercise is the best way to lose weight.

Now, that's not to say that exercise is not the best way to get fit, it certainly is. But it's not so great at getting your body to burn fat as we all once believed. It will get your body burning calories, but not nearly enough in an average session at the gym to make much of a difference.

So if exercise is not going to make it happen and a strict diet is often so hard to stick to, what else is there? All the herbal pills and potions you can buy at health food stores are of little use and you can only drink so much green tea!

Is Shapewear Hot to Wear in Summer?

There is always the "cheats" alternative of wearing body contouring shapewear undergarments to artificially reduce the size of your body a little. It's a good solution of you only need to hide a few extra pounds of weight, certainly. But isn't it hot to wear in summer?

Actually, modern shapewear is so sheer that it really doesn't feel hot to wear in higher temperatures. Personally, I go for the smaller items like tummy and bottom shaping briefs if my thighs are not too flabby, or the longer shorts if they are!

Either of these garments do a really good job of holding in a flabby tummy while reducing the bottom and making it look really quite shapely (so several gentlemen have commented)! The longer shorts also take care of wobbly thighs, firming them up nicely so the look great in narrow jeans or trousers.

What to Wear When It's Really Hot

My tip is if it's a particularly hot day, you probably wouldn't go for jeans in any case but rather a nice flowy knee length skirt. Then you won't so much need the longer shapewear shorts because the briefs are plenty good enough to give you a flat tum and cute bum.

Just don't go climbing any ladders!

Footnote: I still recommend taking the strict diet route if you really want to look nice and slim for the summer. Start in spring to give yourself a good three months to get your weight down noticeably.

You should expect to lose around 1-2 pounds per week when you do it sensibly. However, you will start to lose more at the outset especially if you have been eating and drinking a lot of sugar laden foods and suddenly cut them out completely. The transformation when you do this can be quite dramatic!

In three months you should realistically be able to get your weight (fat) down by around 20 pounds if you take it slow and steady. So it's well worth taking action and helping yourself to a better figure for summer. Remember, if you want it bad enough, you can do it!