How to Improve Posture

Having a nice slim figure means you can to wear amazing clothes. But if your posture is bad, your appearance suffers. Shapewear can improve posture so you stand straighter and look better.

Would you like to know how this can be? Well you are in luck, because this article covers exactly this issue and explains how special body contouring underwear can not only improve your figure, but also your posture for a much better look.

Stand Straight and Tall

stand tall and straightWhen I was a child, I was always being reprimanded for not standing up straight. I suppose it was just a phase I was going through, but I tended to slouch a lot which meant my posture was far from perfect.

My parents and teachers were forever telling me to "stand straight and tall!"

At the time it didn't dawn on me that the way I was standing could influence the perception other people had of me. When you're young, you don't even think about such things!

But growing up through my later teenage years to adulthood, it became apparent that my appearance was everything.

And if I wanted to keep up with some of the other gorgeous girls in my class, I was going to have to eat less and exercise more!

Looking Your Best

Getting into middle age, while I managed to stay relatively slim with my weight fluctuating a few pounds over but never any more than that, being able to wear nice clothes has never really been a problem for me. But as I get older, it gets harder to lose weight once it creeps on and even a few pounds can mean going up a dress size or even two.

Once that happens, all the amazing outfits suddenly become too tight and they don't look very good when parts of the body (ahem, tummy...) start to bulge out! But something else I have noticed recently is that my posture is not as good as it should be.

That means I'm not looking my best and something needs to be done!

The Shapewear Solution

I've always eaten fairly healthily throughout my adult like (teenage years don't count!) avoiding junk food like it was poison and staying clear of most sugary, carbonated drinks. That doesn't mean I'm a saint, because I still like the odd chocolate bar or a cookie or two with my coffee, but it does mean I do a pretty good job of keeping my weight within reasonable bounds.

But even then I still needed some instant help to get me into this or that outfit for a special occasion when I didn't want anyone to know I had gained a little weight and was slouching like a young teenager again! So getting into some shapewear was a "no brainer" moment for me. The benefits of shapewear to me were two-fold.

Killing Two Birds with One Stone

The full body shapewear undergarment I chose covered all the flabby parts I wanted to cinch down an inch or so and it gives me a flatter tummy along with a nicer backside (so say the fellers!). It also allowed me to kill two birds with one stone.

That's because it also has this pulling effect on my shoulders, making me unconsciously stand straighter with shoulders back where they should be. Just that effect in its own is enough to make me stand straighter and that makes me look better, showing off my secretly artificially enhanced slim figure to its best effect!

It certainly helped to really make me look good in a slinky dress I had chosen for one particular occasion!

We're Not All the Same

too many caloriesNow I know this isn't for everyone. We're not all as slim as we want to be and I know some of my friends who can't keep their hands off cream cakes, chocolate bars and a certain fizzy soda pop brand that promises things go better when they drink it.

Things certainly go bigger when they drink it, that's for sure! All those extra calories have to end up somewhere and I see some of the girls with larger bellies, thighs and bottoms as a result. Their choice and their bodies.

But when they get a little envious of my slimmer figure and are dying to know how I do it, I don't mention what I have on beneath my nice outfit. That would be cruel because I know they would want to buy some too and quite frankly I can't see how they can expect anything to hide so many extra inches!

Call me old fashioned, but you are what you eat and drink and if you choose to overindulge in what makes you fat, then you are going to be fat! I firmly believe you should work on the core problem first, which is to get your weight down by cutting out all that sugar, junk and calories.

Then you can look at wearing some shapewear to pull in those last couple of inches to give you the figure you deserve for working hard by yourself to get it. Then you too can look great, be slimmer and stand with a great posture to show of your great figure.

With a little help from what's underneath your clothes, of course!