How to Look Good in a Slinky Dress

Perhaps you wonder how you could ever possibly look good wearing a slinky dress when you're overweight. With a shapewear shaping dress, you can! Want to know how? Read on.

You are probably already well aware of the scenario that follows as it pretty well sums up the need to wear amazing clothes balanced against the physical limitations that are preventing you.

Busting Out of That Dress!

You go out to a popular nightclub and there are plenty of slim, young women in amazing slinky dresses dancing away with their guys and you're a little jealous.

But as you look around, there are some women who are obviously not so slim, but no one told them they were too fat for the dresses they were bulging out of!

Now you feel a little better, because you know you don't look as silly as them. You chose a sensible outfit that does a good job of hiding your more generous curves while still feeling comfortable and not at all tight fitting.

Unlike those "other women", you opted for sensible clothes.

It's just they don't look half as good as those slinky dresses on those slim women!

You Want to Be Slim and Wear a Slinky Dress Too

You probably don't want to be as pencil-thin as a model, but you would like to be slim enough to wear a really nice dress like those slim women. You are trying really hard with your diet and while you have already lost some weight, it seems like it's taking an age to come off.

pelham strutt womens core shaping dressIf only there was a magic spell that would shrink your body just a little so you could fit into one of those slim dresses without looking like you're fat bits are going to bust out of it at any moment. You'd give your right arm for a spell like that!

Well, keep your arm and get your credit card out instead. There is an instant solution to your dilemma and it does not involve surgery or starving yourself!


Isn't it funny how the articles on this website seem to keep coming back to shapewear as the solution to wearing certain clothes? A lot of that has to do with it being the main topic of discussion, but that's with very good reason.

For anyone who need that little extra hold so they can get into a smaller, slimmer dress and look amazing despite being a few pounds heavier than you'd like, a shaping under dress like the one from Pelham & Strutt pictured here can work wonders! It is a strapless shapewear slip that will enhance your own curves while smoothing out any of those unwanted flabby lumps and bumps.

It can give you a completely flawless slim look by sculpting and contouring your body into the perfect shape you want to have. The best part is that the slip is completely invisible, so no one will even know that you're wearing it, apart from you, of course!


As a highly desirable by-product of being able to wear an amazing dress with this shapewear slip beneath keeping you trim and shapely, your confidence will get an incredible lift. You know that when you look good, you feel good.

So go ahead and give yourself the gift of a new boost in confidence and self esteem by buying this slip from Pelham & Strutt and wearing it beneath the dress of your dreams.

Then go out and show it off like you know you want to!