How to Look Slimmer Without Being Slimmer

The holy grail for most overweight people desperate to know how to look skinny when your not is a magic bullet weight loss pill of some kind that will make them thin.

Unfortunately, while that is yet to be invented, there are some workarounds like body shaping undergarments that can at least provide the appearance of being slimmer than they really are.

how to look slimmerOne of the most effective of these is shapewear and its benefits that you will learn about here. It is a kind of body contouring underwear that literally compresses the limbs, tightens the backside, tummy and upper body to give the appearance of carrying less flab and fat.

This article will examine the way in which this type of underclothing can help people achieve a slimmer and better toned figure without actually having one!

Limitations of Shapewear

Naturally, it would be foolish to imagine that a hugely overweight person could simply put on some contouring underwear and instantly look like a thin person. The laws of physics simply would not allow this!

But for someone who is moderately overweight and needs to drop a dress size or two or be able to wear fashionable clothing without looking like they are bulging out of it, good quality shapewear can make it happen. The compressive material holds in flabby flesh and makes it look firmer and toned, achieving a physical reduction in thigh and upper arm circumference while also reducing the backside and creating a flatter tummy.

What Can Be Achieved?

The reduction level will depend on the size of the person and their individual measurements, but it is not uncommon to see people reduce thigh circumference by two inches or more and create flatter tummies and reduced bottoms to fit into tighter jeans or sleeker dresses than they would normally be able to without the shape wear garments.

What this boils down to is that people who are already losing weight but need to fit into a certain outfit they are not quite ready for can do it by wearing body contouring underwear to artificially create a slimmer body. It can mean the difference between going to the party and staying at home to watch TV!

Who Wears Shapewear?

Up until recently, it was a well kept secret by celebrities who needed to look their best when in the public eye such as at media events and when appearing on TV. And there's no arguing that celebrities sure know how to look slimmer than the rest of us! It's what gives them that sleek, svelte look in fashionable outfits for the cameras.

But that secret is out of the bag and now anyone who is a little out of shape can regain a better figure by wearing figure contouring undergarments. The results can be quite dramatic!

Perhaps you have been battling with those last few stubborn inches with your diet and are desperate to get into a certain outfit that was bought as a reward for reaching a weight loss target. Well, you can cheat a little and be wearing it sooner rather than later with some high quality, almost invisible shape wear that can shrink the last couple of inches off your body to allow you to fit perfectly into that outfit now!