How to Wear Fashionable Clothes When You Are Overweight

Being overweight and wanting to squeeze into great looking clothes is no fun, especially when you're dieting really hard and not seeing the dramatic reduction in body size, weight and fat levels that you had hoped for.

But there is a way to fit into smaller size garments that can give your confidence a boost while you keep at it with your diet.

wear fashionable clothes with shapewearShapewear is a type of underwear that gently shapes and contours the body to give the appearance of a slimmer shape. It achieves this slender look without the discomfort and hassle of outdated compression garments such as corsets and girdles.

Modern shape wear is made from very thin material making it almost invisible beneath even the slinkiest dress, while providing hold and tone gently and safely to create a slimmer, firmer looking figure.

How Does Shapewear Achieve a Slim Figure?

In the same way that older compression accessories used to draw in the body area to achieve an artificially slimmer figure, modern body contouring undergarments use advanced design techniques to achieve a similar result comfortably.

Because the compression is gentle and flexible, muscle tone is improved while a better posture is achieved creating a naturally fitter appearance. They allow for increased blood flow to the area, where their forebears constricted and reduced it.


This means you can wear these garments for longer in complete safety. At the same time you cabn enjoy a slimmer, better toned appearance when wearing clothes in smaller sizes than you would normally be able to.

Imagine being able to slip into a certain slinky dress or tight pair of jeans and not only look great but feel great too!

This is the beauty of modern shapewear as it makes it possible to wear amazing, fashionable clothes that you could not have otherwise worn. That is a massive advantage when you are already actively trying to lose weight because when your confidence is high, you are more motivated to work toward achieving your weight and fitness goals.

Finding the Best Brand of Shapewear

There are several top brands that make these under garments, but one of the best new brands on the market today is Pelham and Strutt. The new designs and innovative body contouring layout provides extra slimming without feeling constrictive and improving posture by intelligent "Y" design that helps to pull the back straighter and shoulders back for a more elegant sitting or standing posture that leads to a fitter and healthier looking deportment.

The great thing about Pelham and Strutt shapewear is that it is not as expensive as you might imagine for top quality garments. While some brands are cheap and less effective or comfortable, Pelham and Strutt shape wear is affordable quality that you will be more than satisfied with when you try it for yourself.

At the end of the day, when you want to feel good it's often down to how you look in the clothes you are wearing that is important. If you have never considered wearing body contouring undergarments as an option to give you that slimmer look in surprising comfort, take a closer look at the shape wear products that I'm reviewing in this website.

Once you have tried it, you'll never want to go back!