Shapewear for a Flatter Tummy

Let's be honest, the road to a flat tummy is not exactly the easiest one to follow especially when you are overweight and every diet you try seems to fail, or you quit before you get anywhere close to your target.

It usually seems like you can get rid of the fat off all the places you don't want to, like your boobs while your thighs and tummy resist all attempts to shift the excess flab!

Do not despair! Those last few pounds of excess fat might try to cling onto your midriff but you can flatten them out of sight by wearing a suitable tummy shaping undergarment.

How Your Grandmother Looked Slim

corsetBack in the old days, that garment used to be a girdle (or in extreme cases, a corset). The girdle was a tightly fitting, uncomfortable and restrictive elasticated nightmare that cut off the blood flow and made some wearers feel dizzy, nauseous and thoroughly miserable.

The corset was even worse and depending on how tightly it was pulled could and often would result in the wearer fainting. That would usually be caused though lack of oxygen getting to the important parts of the body!

Your grandmother (and generations before her) would have worn a girdle and/or a corset if they were overweight and wanted to squeeze themselves into a smaller size dress or tight fitting skirt. But they often paid the price of looking good by feeling bad!

The Evolution of Shapewear

Those old restrictive garments were a last resort for many who simply couldn't wait any longer for their diets to catch up with their expectations of having lost weight and gained that slimmer figure. But now, with modern lycra-based materials and advanced stitching techniques, a much sleeker, comfortable and less restrictive replacement has come into being.

Rather than cutting off the blood supply to the lower body as many old girdles seemed to do, modern shape wear now promotes blood flow and improves muscle tone. This creates freer movement and better toning, while at the same time improving posture thanks to special tightening and stretching.

But What About My Flabby Tummy?

flatter tummyThere are special briefs and midriff garments that specifically target the stomach and really do a great job of pulling in that excess flab to produce a flatter looking tummy. This is perfect for making you look good in a smaller size dress, slim skirt and tight fitting top or sleek trouser suit without anyone realizing how you did it, thanks to these undergarments being practically invisible.

And you can do it all without feeling like you're having your tum pounded into submission and squeezed into an eye-watering small circumference! Those old, restrictive and uncomfortable days are well and truly over.

One of the many benefits of modern shapewear is that it can give you a flatter looking stomach while allowing you to wear the outfit you could only dream about wearing before and do it comfortably and safely too. It's like having a secret weight loss weapon in your armoury that doesn't require any actual weight loss to be effective.

Once you have tried the range from Pelham and Strutt for yourself, you will be sure to agree it is well worth the money. And you won't want to go back to the way you were before.

Can you imagine doing without this amazing, clothes-based, flat tummy solution ever again?