Shapewear for Plus Size Women

When you are a plus size and concerned that you can't wear the best or latest fashions because it is all designed for pencil thin models, worry no more! There is a solution that can allow you to wear outfits made for thinner women and look great without looking like you squeezed yourself into it.

Modern shapewear is designed to comfortably contour the body to create the appearance of a slimmer figure without feeling constricted or wooden. Unlike the awfully movement restrictive corsets of the past, modern body contour underwear allows for free movement and improved blood flow while still holding in the excess flabby areas to create a better figure.

Who Can Wear these Undergarments?

shapewear for plus size womenYou probably expect these garments to be designed for thin people who are just a little overweight and need some help holding in the loose bits, but that's not necessarily the case. Plus size women can also wear these garments and benefit from the gentle body compression to enable them to fit comfortably into outfits that are a dress size or two smaller than they would normally ever be able to unaided.

The best part is that it is possible to wear smaller outfits and wear fashionable clothes when you're overweight without looking like you are busting out of every gap between buttons or causing seams to look like they are about to burst with every movement! Imagine that!

Shape wear designed especially for larger sized women is perfect for allowing you to fit yourself into a special outfit that you might want to be wearing for a certain event, but were worried you would look and feel uncomfortable. It doesn't mean you can instantly transform yourself from very overweight into a slim model figure, but a small reduction can go a long way to boosting your confidence.

As a Weight Loss Diet Compliment

Many overweight women are either in the process of dieting or about to start one. Some have been dieting for some time and are about to throw the towel in (yet again) because the weight is not coming off as fast as you would like it to.

In these instances, you can do yourself a lot of good by boosting your confidence thanks to the marvellous creation that is shapewear. It provides a fast and effective way to look slimmer and better toned instantly while you are waiting for your body to catch up through the diet or exercise program you are following.

How to Choose Plus Size Shapewear Garments that Fit

Choosing the right size of shapewear garments is important to get a good fit for a number of reasons. The main one being comfort, because if you choose a size that's too small for you, it's going to get a little uncomfortable pretty soon after putting it on. But there are also otehr considerations that spring to mind on this subject. Another is how you are going to look under your regular clothes when your undergarments are not the right size. It could be that they are either squeeszing you too hard because they're too small or they are not squeezing you hard enough if they are too large!

Get the Right Measurements

The obvious and sensible way to avoid this problem right away is to make sure you know your exact measurements and then check them against any shape wear garments you intend buying. For example, if you go to a high street store, it's no good just holding the garment up against your body and hoping it will do the job! Knowing exactly the areas of your body that you require extra hold is also a good starting place as you can then take an accurate measurement to see what you are and also the size of the outfit you intend wearing to see how much of a reduction you are going to need. Check the clothing's specifications and match them against those of the appropriate shapewear garments cross referencing your own size to find the right size for you.

Understand the Control Level

Another aspect of shapewear is that it comes in a variety of control levels that range from very light to very firm. The idea is that you can select the right level of hold that you require in order to look as natural as possible while looking good in the outfit of your choice.

Light Control

With light control, you will be able to move around freely and be comfortable for the longest period of time, usually for the whole day and night without noticing any fatigue. The trade off is that you should not expect to look like a model of you have any more than a small amount of extra flesh to hide!

This is maybe not the best shapewear option for plus size women as a greater level of control is usually needed. Perhaps it is more like something to look at and imagine yourself getting into after some more time on your diet!

Medium Control

With medium control, you get a balance between comfort and firmness of hold that can cope with most situations and a greater level of fat concealment. You will still be able to wear it for prolonged periods in comfort, but just not as long maybe as the lighter hold.

Firm Control

Firm hold does just what it says it can do. It will cinch your body in where you need it cinching and will maintain that level of hold in relative comfort for extended periods, but just not as long as the medium or lighter control garments. This is something best suited for an evening event that you can get out of after a few hours. Not recommended for all day and all evening unless it is absolutely necessary!

Remember, you want to look as natural as possible beneath your outfit, so don't try and go for undergarments that are too small in the hope that they'll shrink you more than is physically sensible! You don't want to look like a bean bag that's tied up in the middle with a belt but is busting out above and below it!

This is a fantastic motivator and confidence booster as it lifts your expectations of what you can achieve through your diet because you are able to see what you should look like after a successful diet when wearing great clothes.