Tummy Control Shapewear for Women

One of the major problem areas when things start to go flabby is the tummy. Getting it flat is hard work, but shapewear really helps control things when the diet hasn't yet made its presence felt.

tummy control shapewearNormally that isn't such a big deal as we all know that patience is needed with diets and reducing the fat levels takes a lot of time, determination and sacrifice. But all that goes to pieces when a special occasion looms on the horizon and we have to look our very best in an outfit hand picked for the event with eyes that imagined we would be a bit thinner than we actually are.

When the Diet is Not Happening Fast Enough

From a sensible standpoint, when we haven't lost as much weight as we thought we would by this point and there is no way we will lose enough in time to fit into that outfit without looking like a sack of potatoes squeezed inside a track suit, drastic measures are needed. We don't want to be bulging out of every seam when we wear the outfit and wear it we will!

So what is the best shapewear for tummy control?

A quick bit of research online turns up several manufacturers and sellers of suitable shapewear that is claimed to be able to shrink our flabby bits into a slimmer silhouette. We choose one for its chic sounding name and the fact that it is sold at Selfridges, which means it has some pedigree.

Pelham & Strutt

tummy control shapewear for womenYes, it is a strange sounding name for what amounts to the last ditch saviour of our special occasion and the wearing of that outfit! But their shapewear looks good. Very good. And it's not too expensive either.

Their Core High Waist Shaping Shorts look perfect for our needs, since it's really the tummy we are targeting although the thighs could do with a little contouring too and let's not forget our backside! And they dispatch within 24 hours - I'm sold!

Just look at these features and benefits:

Just a quick check around their website and women's garments and there are some really amazing products there. I wrote a review of their products here: Pelham and Strutt Shapewear Review that explains it all.

It's something to tell some friends about, maybe. But on the other hand, maybe not. Don't want anyone knowing this little secret, after all!

Does it Work?

The big test of course is if it will work and do what it says it will do, which is to flatten that wobbly tum. While we're at it, it will also hopefully trim up that wobbly bum and firm up those wobbly thighs!

When the day of reckoning arrives, the transformation is almost miraculous. The shapewear shorts do such a marvellous job of holding everything in that he outfit looks amazing on.

Best of all is that movement is not restricted and it's very comfortable to wear. And it's so sheer that no one will ever know this little secret unless I tell them. And there's not much chance of that happening!