Panty Subscription Service

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the convenience and thrill of having a new pretty panty in the mail each month? With a panty subscription service, you can!

In this article I take a look at just exactly what this kind of service is and how you can take advantage of the sheer decadence of getting a brand new panty, bra and panty set or full set of lingerie delivered to your home every month.

What is a Panty Subscription Service?

panty subscription serviceThis is pretty much what it sounds like. You can set one of these up online ith minimal fuss and it can be completely anonymous. Here's how you get started:

You visit a good, established and recommended online store that specialises in lingerie and set up a monthly delivery account with them. You choose what types of underwear you want, the colours, designs etc and make a note of anything you don't like or want and then once it is all set up you sit back and wait for the goods to arrive like clockwork each month!

It really is as simple as that!

Common Questions

Here are some common questions about this set up that should go a long way to quelling any concerns you may have about getting this service set up for yourself.

What Kind of Packaging is Used?

Generally, the items are shipped in plain packaging, maybe with a discrete store logo or brand name that usually won't relate to what's in the package. That way you can stay completely off the radar of your neighbours!

What About Getting the Size Right?

The online stores will have a size chart that you can compare against your own measurements to get the size right for you.

How to Know What Styles Are Available

The store will have good quality images with professional models modelling the lingerie items as well asw individual images of each item so you can see it there in front of you.

Do Panties Come in Plus Sizes?

All items of lingerie will come in a range of sizes, generally from super small right up to extra extra large (4x).

Is it Possible to Return Goods for a Refund?

With underwear and hygiene issues it is not possible to return items, although most reputable stores will work with you to arrive at a mutually beneficial solution, such as offering replacements. Check with the individual store before purchase if this is a concern.

Can I Order Gift Wrap?

Most reputable online lingerie stores will offer a gift wrap option, although packages will still arrive in plain packaging over the top of the gift wrapping.

What Styles Are Available to Buy Online?

There are many different styles, colours and looks that can be purchased from stores online. It really depends on what you want to receive each month. You can order anything from a single panty to something more interesting such as a diamond net body stocking right up to a full outfit such as a full strapless lace dress with adjustable side detail and matching thing if you want!

Which Online Store Do I Recommend?

I have tried several online lingerie stores and have a personal favourite, which is PEMClub. This is a very easy to navigate store that has a really nice selection of lingerie in a huge amount of different styles, sizes and materials to suit everyone.

I'm happy to include an advertisement for the store on this page which you can click to open their official website and have a browse for yourself. I'm quite sure you will like what you see and will be eager to buy something from there even if you are not sure you want to set up a monthly subscription.

Go ahead and click the image below and discover what I've been talking about for yourself right now!